Guide for building your
own first web page

step by step to your own site

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1. First you need an Editor. For our guide we use Frontpage Express, because you can get it for free and is attached to the Internet Explorer. If Frontpage Express is not installed on your computer, you should install your Internet Explorer again and be sure to install Frontpage Express with it.

2. Make a new directory (or folder) for your website, in which you will save all the files that belong to it.

3. Now you can download the whole pattern with one click on the following link:

download pattern - click here!

The pattern is saved as zip-file and has to be extracted. Software like winzip can be found in nearly every computer-magazine CD-ROM. Save the file in your directory for your page and doubleclick on it. Extract the files in the same folder.

Now you have extracted the following files:




page 1.htm

page 2.htm

page 3.htm


4. The file index.htm is already done. You don't have to work on it.

5. Let's start with the file home.htm. Open it with Frontpage Express. Your visitors can see this file when they open your page (view sample) on the right-hand site. You can change the text in the sample as you like it. Good would be a short introduction, what's the aim of your page and so on. If you made changes, save the file. Then your changes are relevant.

6. The same with the file contact.htm. Open it with Frontpage Express.

This page is for your address, telephone-no., telefax-no. and so on. If you made changes, save the file. Then your changes are relevant.

7. Now you know how to proceed with the files page1.htm, page2.htm and page3.htm. We made no proposales for text on these pages, you could write on them about your hobbies, family or whatever you like. If you made changes, save the file. Then your changes are relevant.

8. Then it becomes a bit complicated. Open the file menue.htm with Frontpage Express.

This file is used for navigation or as a sitemap for your page. When your page is opened it shows up on the left-hand side (view sample). The file menue.htm has to be changed to your site.

On this file menue.htm you have the links that are needed to navigate through your site.

The link Home is o.k. It is used for the right-hand page your site starts with. The link contact is also o.k. In the case you don't want to have a contact-page, you can mark the link and delete it.

With the Links Page 1, Page 2 and Page 3 the internet user can open your individual sites about hobbies and so on. But the name Page 1 does not suit to your page for example for hobbies, so the link has to be changed. The easiest way is to click in the middle of these words
page 1. Now you type the name for your link. The result looks like this: pagHobbyse 1 .

Now you delete the letters you don't need with the del-key and then the link looks like this: Hobbys.

That looks better. Now you do the same with the links for Page 2 and Page 3.

Now we go over to the link e-mail. With this your visitors can send you e-mail. The link has to be changed into your e-mail address. Therefore you click on the link e-mail with the right cursour key. Go to the function hyperlink-settings. The field we want to change is already marked. Behind mailto: type in your e-mail address, for instance or . Then click o.k. and your changes are relevant.

Now save the file menue.htm.

You have finished your own web-page.

For a test you can now open the file index.htm from your folder for your webpage with the Internet-Explorer. Test if everything works. So you avoid to put a damaged site onto the web. And nothing is more visitor-shocking than broken links.

But you don't want to have your website only on your computer. You have to upload the pages on a computer of an webspace-provider like for instance . There you also get info how to upload your pages.

And if you think your address of your website is to long like You can get for free an original .com-domain at . This service leads your visitors from the short domain-name to your website.

For many visitors you have to list your site at searchengines. You can submit your site in every searchengine seperatly, or you use services like where you can list your site in more sites at once.

And if you created your website with the help of this site, send us an e-mail with the address of your first website. We are happy to receive feedback.

And much more additional stuff to your site you can find on the left site. And if you can't see the sidemap on the left site, please click here.